Seating Charts

Will the entire DreamTrips group be seated together?

No, we can only guarantee seating in pairs. We do our best to get as many seats together as possible, however, we cannot guarantee more than two seats together.

Will I be able to sit with my friends who are also attending the trip under a different booking?

Tickets are guaranteed in pairs only. You may request to sit with your friends, however your request is not guaranteed. Click here to email us with your request. 

I booked my package as a single person. Will I be seated with the group?

We always do our best to seat single ticket holders with other members of the group, however, you are not guaranteed to be seated with another member of the group.

I booked my package as a triple occupancy (3 people) or a quad occupancy (4 people) booking, will all the guests on my booking be seated together?

Though seating is only guaranteed in pairs, we make every effort to make sure that all guests booked on the same booking get seated together or within a few seats or rows from one another.

Why is the seating sold in zones, rather than stating a specific section, row, & seat?

This is common practice in the sports travel industry due to several factors:
1) The venue has the right to change the configuration of the seating or the seats allocated to us at any time.
2) We always do our best to accommodate groups who wish to be seated together and may need to move our allocation of tickets around to best fit the configuration of the group and guest’s requests.
3) Selling tickets in “zones” helps us to prevent the resale of tickets, which is prohibited.

How do I request to sit with someone else who has booked the trip separately from me?

Click here to email us with your request. Seating requests are not guaranteed.

When will I find out my assigned section, row, and seat?

You will receive your assigned section row and seat when you receive your tickets from your on-site host.

Am I able to exchange my tickets for a different section, row and seat?

No, exchanges, refunds and returns are not available once tickets are purchased.

When/how will I get my tickets?

Your tickets will be given to you by your on-site host once you have arrived at the destination. Tickets are too valuable to be sent through the mail. You will be required to sign for your tickets and accept responsibility for them when you pick them up from your host.