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Excursion Dos and Don’ts

  • Bring Your Voucher/Confirmation – some excursions may also require a Driver’s License or other special certifications (Dive Card, etc.)
    • If your excursion is part of the DreamTrip, you won’t need a voucher. Your host will take care of the details.
  • Bring Sunscreen and Bug Spray – biodegradable is best because it can be used even in reefs & around marine life
  • Bring Cash – small bills are best, most places will accept USD, but most won’t have change for large bills
  • Pay attention to your departure time from the hotel versus the start time of your excursion- DON’T get left behind!
    • You are never required to attend an excursion that’s included in your DreamTrip. If you aren’t there on time, we’ll assume you chose to do something else with your day and will head out without you.
  • Before traveling, read and follow all policies and guidelines for your excursion so that you know and understand what you are getting yourself into
  • Stay hydrated
  • Take resort towels off the resort
    • Many resorts do allow you to take their beach towels with you but many do not. Check with the resort’s concierge desk to find out.
  • Remove plants, rocks, artifacts, or animals from parks or excursion areas. If snorkeling do not touch coral or remove shells, rocks, coral, fish or artifacts.
  • Oversleep or otherwise miss your excursion. Refunds, exchanges, or changes will not be given if you no-show or miss your transfer.

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