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Travel Tips and Tricks

All About Passports


What you should know about traveling with a passport   Leaving the United States A passport will be required for all travelers leaving the United States of America. You must have a valid... Read More

Excursion Tips


Excursion Dos and Don’ts Do: Bring Your Voucher/Confirmation – some excursions may also require a Driver’s License or other special certifications (Dive Card, etc.) If your excursion is part of the DreamTrip, you... Read More

Buffet vs A la Carte


How to Choose Your Food at an All Inclusive Buffet vs. A la Carte – Which is best?…It depends…   Buffet: Great if you are in a hurry Perfect for large groups or... Read More

Be an Ambassador


Remember, when you are on a DreamTrip, you are representing yourself, WorldVentures and your leaders. Please act accordingly. Respect the brand Respect our vendors Respect other hotel guests Only post tasteful photos Refrain... Read More

Tipping and Exchanging Money


Tipping Culture and USD vs Local Currency Tipping: Be sure to read over your DreamTrips Go-Guide to be sure if tips are included. In many cases, tips are included for transportation or group meals.... Read More